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Hi my name is Lloyd, I live in northern California and it is great living in

this part of the USA, to the west are world famous beaches, and to east

the renowned western slops of the Sierra Nevada and we are smack

dab in the middle. The climate is awesome.

I love to spend time with my family, and working out, riding bikes,

barbequing, visiting those world famous beaches, Santa Cruz, Monterey

etc., just taking life easy when I can.


I started my own business about 10 years ago, it’s going just fine, one

thing though, I must keep working! If something where to happen and I

couldn’t continue, well you know the rest of that story!

During this period running my own business I was also online

checking other businesses looking for something I could do from my

computer, perhaps a business that would be able to bring income in

even if I couldn’t work it all the time.


I joined many online companies, some of them you probably may recall

Amway, Usana, Xango, etc. these types of companies usually require a

start up fee, you buy product usually in the form of what they call

monthly, “Auto-Ship” in return you receive Product and qualification to

get commissions. You need to remain on “Auto-Ship” to qualify.

If you canceled your “Auto-Ship” then you no longer get commission.

If perchance someone signed up under you and you met all of the rules

of that company’s marketing system then you would receive

“commission”, also the person that got you in would receive some

“commission” and the person above him or her would receive

“commission”, all the way to the top of that income leg.

Not that these companies were scams, I just found them expensive and

hard to get them going before the money ran out, and hard to hit up

family and friends, and acquaintances, you know what I mean?

Other businesses I tried didn’t pay well, some didn’t pay at all, and some

Where scams.


Thought I might be able to help by informing folks about my

experience’s, and setting up an “On Line Scam Review”, with knowledge

that would provide understanding for family , friends, and those

acquaintances with information discerning between business scams

and businesses that are good, legitimate, businesses.